The easy way to open
your garage door

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The easy way to open
your garage door

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lift is
easy to install

We love simplicity and so will you!
We have designed lift so that most users can install it in about 20 minutes through a simple 3 step process.

lift is

This is a remote you will never forget!
Why carry an extra bulky device like your garage door remote? Use what you already have with you every day... Your smartphone. With the lift you can now operate your garage doors with lift app and fingertips.

lift is
value for money

There are no limits to how many apps you can download and it is all free.
Want to give access to family members? No problem, tell them to download the app and give them the login and password… it is as simple as that!


My name is John, I am a software developer. I love Arduino as it grants software developers like me the ability to create hardware gadgets and control over physical things.


Last year my garage door opener’s remote control was broken, and it was a pain that we have to share only one remote control. Suddenly an idea came up "Wouldn't it be so cool and so convenient if we can open the garage door with our iPhone"? We can use the same app to open the garage door, we don't need to carry an extra remote control and make our key chain lighter.


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